AI Music Makers: Instant Song Generation at Your Fingertips

Have you ever found yourself wanting to craft the perfect song for a loved one’s birthday celebration or searching tirelessly for a soundtrack that truly captures the essence of your business for an advertisement?

With the rapid advancement of AI music makers, such tasks are becoming increasingly accessible and efficient. These innovative tools harness the power of artificial intelligence to empower creators of all backgrounds to compose personalized music with ease and precision.

Posted date : 24/04/2024 – by author

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This article will introduce you to some AI music generators that make creating your own music a breeze.

Established in 2022, Suno was founded by experts in both machine learning and music. The platform enables users to generate 2-minute songs effortlessly: just input your desired “Song Description,” click create, and within less than 30 seconds, your personalized song is ready to go! You can just download your song and share to the community to inspire other song creators!

You have the option to create a song with lyrics or an instrumental track. If you’re unsure about the type of song you want, you can browse our selection of published songs on the homepage. We offer trending tracks and a variety of genres including Blues, Pop, Jazz, EDM, Korean opera, French Dubstep, and more, which can serve as inspiration for your own creations. Additionally, you can explore new song styles on the platform to inspire your own compositions.

SUNO AI interface - song description with option for custom mode and instrumental
Explore new styles of music with SUNO AI

For free users, you have access to 50 credits/ day, allowing you to create 10 songs. This should be sufficient for occasional users, in my opinion.However, it’s important to note that the free plan is for non-commercial use only. To utilize songs for business purposes, a subscription to the Pro or Premier plans is required.

I experimented with SUNO to generate a song for a pet toy advertisement, using three different prompts. Here are the results:

Prompt #1

“A positive-vibed pop music to accompany a pet toy advertisement (30 seconds long). Make it easy to remember and fun!”

Prompt #2

“A positive-vibed pop music to accompany a pet toy advertisement (30 seconds long). For the hook, use “Happy paws, happy hearts, happy home”.Proportion between lyrics to the whole song must be 25%:75%.”

Prompt #3

“A positive-vibed pop music to accompany a pet toy advertisement (30 seconds long). Make it easy to remember and fun!”

From my perspective, the songs generated by Suno are highly relevant to the provided prompts and boast high-quality music. I encountered no bugs during my creation process. However, enhancing the platform to offer more customization options for free users, such as adjusting the song length or selecting the voice of the singer, would be a welcomed improvement.

Founded in late 2023, Udio AI was created by previous researchers from Google’s DeepMind AI team and has support from investors in the tech and music fields. Udio AI rapidly creates songs based on your own lyrics, with options to choose the music style and the availability of instrumental versions. 

Udio AI song generator allows users to input lyrics, styles and title of music

If you don’t have your own lyrics, you can also use the platform to generate them for you. Just so you know, there are 10 languages available for your options, including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and more.

I tried this function by entering ‘Happy paws, Happy hearts, Happy home‘ as the topic. I selected pop as the genre, happiness as the mood, friendship as the theme, and English as the language. Here are the results:

Udio AI lyrics generator allows users to input topic, genre, mood, language to generate lyrics instantly to generate songs

Song title: Happy paws, happy hearts, happy home

(Verse 1)
In a world full of love and laughter,
Happy paws, happy hearts, happy home,
Together we’ll chase away the darkness,
Building friendships that will never roam.

Happy paws, happy hearts,
We’ll never be apart,
In this place of warmth and light,
Our friendship shining bright.

(Verse 2)
Through all the ups and downs we’ll weather,
Happy paws, happy hearts, happy home,
Side by side we’ll face each endeavor,
In this place where love has grown.

Happy paws, happy hearts,
We’ll never be apart,
In this place of warmth and light,
Our friendship shining bright.

Through thick and thin, we’ll stand together,
Happy paws, happy hearts, happy home,
In this bond that will last forever,
Our friendship will always roam.

Happy paws, happy hearts,
We’ll never be apart,
In this place of warmth and light,
Our friendship shining bright.”

Additionally, if you’re still not satisfied with the generated lyrics, you can always regenerate them.Once you’ve found the one you prefer, you can simply select ‘Used to generate songs’ directly. It’s customizable, quick, and easy, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, as a free user, I couldn’t access the song due to high requests on the platform. However, the Basic plan allows you to generate 600 songs for less than $10/month only.

Overall, I found Udio AI to be user-friendly platform for creating personalized music with variety options of music style or languages, without any bug during my testing. The app stands out as a valuable tool for anyone looking to create original music quickly and easily.

What Can You Use AI Music Makers For?

Two women are making podcast.
A woman staff is doing business presentation to the team.
The children are celebrating the 6-year-old's birthday at the party.

Explore the versatility of these platforms through various use cases:

  • Personal projects: Create personalized music for events like birthdays or weddings.
  • Content creation: Add background music to your videos, podcasts, or social media content.
  • Business promotions: Use music for ads, presentations, or promotional videos.
  • Education: Enhance educational content with music for videos or presentations.
  • Creative exploration: Experiment with different music styles and themes for inspiration.
A musician is playing guitar.

Final Thoughts

AI song generators like SUNO AI and Udio AI provide intuitive platforms for effortless music creation, catering to a wide range of needs from personal projects to business promotions. While these platforms offer high-quality results, enhancements such as increased customization options and improved accessibility for free users would further elevate the user experience. Nevertheless, these tools open up diverse possibilities for creators, enhancing content creation and creative endeavors across various fields.

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