AI Trip Planners - Instantly Generating Smart Itineraries for You

Are you feeling overwhelmed with studies or work and wish to have an easier way to plan your next holiday? Or Looking for a new adventurous program for your summer but feeling like you have already done all? AI Trip Planners, your travel AI assistant, are here to create a wonderful holiday for you!

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AI trip planners are powerful travel AI to help you plan your holiday in seconds. All you have to do is put your destination and other details, such as your holiday length, interests, etc. and let the travel AI do the rest for you. You may be surprised how the generated itinerary matches your lifestyle or explore an entirely new experience.

What can you expect from the AI trip planners? 

  • Accommodation or Tour guide search assistance 
  • Recommended things to do tailored to your interests 
  • Discover new restaurants or coffee shops


One of the most popular, created by ChatGPT’s creator – OpenAI. Roam Around is an easy to used web-based planner. Users can add special requests such as family travel, more outdoorsy, 3 days program, the best coffee shop, weird eat, or vegetarian restaurants. You can also get offers for tours, concerts, hotels with full details like dates, prices, what you can expect with options to cancel, and users’ reviews.

A personalized travel AI planner mobile application, iPlan.AI customizes itinerary to correspond to your number of travel days, available time slots of each day, type of travel (single, couple, family, friends), your interests (historical, nature, shopping, sport and so on) and your preferred budget. Wow! 

Unlike Roam Around, where you can get all details and offers for activities, iPlan.AI provide an itinerary with recommended time spent for each activity, reviews, maps, and estimated time in transportation! In other words, fewer details and offers but more focus on time optimization for you. However, they still have fewer choices for destinations compared to Roam Around.

Booking announced last week that they will release a beta version of their app on June 28th. The app will have an AI trip planner, built on its existing machine learning models combined with the large language model (LLM) technology of  ChatGPT API. It will be available to a specific group of travelers in the US.

Travelers can ask the AI to generate recommendations for destinations, accommodations, itineraries, or more travel inspirations that correspond to their specific requirements with details in provided links. Users can ask all travel-related questions to the smart AI chat.


Day 1

I followed the itinerary to visit Santa Babara Castle in the morning. Fortunately, I made the right decision as the weather became very warm close to noon. However, I couldn’t visit the Alicante Town Hall as there was a private ceremony, and I decided to stroll along Explanada de Espa in the evening to avoid the sunburst.Look at how you can benefit from AI chatbots.

Day 2

I noticed that the itinerary included Santa Babara Castle, which was repeated the day before. Moreover, I prefer to stay in the city rather than spend time on an island, and a casino isn’t my preferred activity. Thus I didn’t follow any program for Day 2.

Day 3

 I started my cultural day at the Co-Cathedral of St.Nicholas of Bari, a stunning church in the city, before leaving for another town.

Woman selecting destination for a summer travel


Planning your next holiday has never been easier with AI Trip Planners! These powerful tools generate personalized itineraries based on your interests in just seconds. Whether you would like to discover new places, find comfy accommodations, or explore adventure activities, they generate personalized itineraries based on your interests in just seconds.

With AI Trip Planners, planning your dream vacation becomes effortless and more enjoyable than ever.

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