Fostering Your Creativity - How AI Image Generator Unchains Imaginations

Are you exhausted from spending an hour creating or editing a perfect image for your company or own project? Let AI Image Generator helps you. It’s your time-saver and enhances your creativity. 

Post date: 19/05/2023 – by author

Smiley teenager in the Eiffel Tower background generated from AI image generator DALL-E

All you have to do is describe your artwork and let these innovative tools do their thing. We’ve already talked about AI chatbots, and now we’re going to explore another renowned AI. This article will introduce you to a few famous AI image generators that are currently being increasingly adopted.

These are 3 popular AI Image Generators in the market that we should keep an eye on!

The AI is developed by Midjourney Inc. For the usage, Midjourneys’ users must use Discord to make their requests by simply entering the command “/imagine,” then “#prompt” will appear where you can put your artwork’s descriptions. Midjourney is easy to use and generates high-resolution and realistic artwork for you without technical knowledge. However, the free version has relatively high limitations because of the massive number of active users.

AI neural network drawing a canvas surrounded by artworks

Image by macrovector on Freepik 

One of the most famous AI Image Generators, DALL·E 2 from OpenAI, uses an advanced neural network to transform texts into high-quality images. Thanks to its advanced technology with an extensive database of training images, the image results are highly detailed, realistic, and very similar to human-made images. Newly registered users have 50 free credits with 15 free credits monthly.

Stability AI develops the AI and uses diffusion models. The high-quality artwork results are available for various applications, allowing users to highly control the outputs and fine-tuned images that fully meet your specifications, such as style or color palette.

Apart from these tools, there are many other AI Image Generators, such as Bing Image Creator, DeepAI, and Canva. They can have a similar ability to generate pleasant quality artworks from our descriptive texts.

My Experience with AI Image Generators: A First-Hand Account

I have experimented with the free and very basic versions of DALL·E 2 and Stable Diffusion, however, Midjourney was at full capacity as it received an overwhelming number of requests.

Description 1: “A marmot is standing in a meadow and holding a white dandelion with its two hands in a mountain background on a sunny day, photo, detailed image, 4k, poster, realism”

generated by DALL·E 2

generated by Stable Diffusion

Description 2: “In the background of the Eiffel Tower, a French teenage girl with long hair is wearing a pink cropped top, listening to music with headphones, smiling with closed eyes. “

generated by DALL·E 2

generated by Stable Diffusion

Description 3: “A realistic image of a natural landscape in the south of France during spring on a sunny day shows cherry trees with parrots on the trees and three cats beneath playing with colorful yarns, surrounded by mountains, a lake, and horses having plants not far.”

generated by DALL·E 2

generated by Stable Diffusion

From my observations, the results do not 100% match my prompts, for instance, the colors or amount of the objects; the shapes are improvable. However, these generated images are from very basic prompts and versions. For better results, we can create more complex prompts, such as adding negative prompts or specified image quality, lights, camera resolutions, etc.

How to benefit from these AI image-generation software?

  • Marketers
    Personalized visual content creation, design marketing materials such as logo or product images, website materials, online and offline assets of your brand such as  magazines or social media posts
  • Students
    Personalized visual content creation, design marketing materials such as logo or product images
  • Professors
    Infographics or illustrations created for a better explanation of lessons or research
  • Parents
    Asset creations for family events such as birthday cards, invitations for parties
Woman touching a red image frame


AI Image Generator, a generative AI tool, revolutionizes visual content production. Thanks to the advancements in neural network architecture and training data, we can significantly reduce time spent working on high-quality image creation and edition. As technology continues to develop, AI-powered tools will become more accessible and easy to use, allowing us to focus more on imagination and creativity.

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