The Huge Wave of AI Chatbots - Your Productivity Boosters

Have you ever wanted to get an assistant who can understand your needs and is available 24/7 without any negative emotions? Here they are, your chat assistants in the era of AI chatbots. 

Post date: 19/05/2023 – by author

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A Brief Introduction to AI Chatbots - Your smartest virtual assistants

Typically, AI-powered chatbots are software that uses Generative AI Tools that process and respond to our questions or demands through texting. This means they have significant capabilities, for instance, the ability to remember our previous conversations, manage complicated requests such as writing code or poetry, etc. and provide more personalized suggestions such as planning your preferred vacations thanks to their ability to access various sources of data.

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For these reasons, AI-powered chatbots are becoming very famous and are heavily adopted to improve the quality and productivity of individuals’ work.

This article will explore powerful AI chatbots with different functionalities and how we could benefit from these intelligent tools.

The key players of AI Chatbot that are developing the way we live

These are 6 smart AI chatbots in the market that we should keep an eye on!

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The most well-known AI chatbot by far. OpenAI, which has been supported by Microsoft, has developed ChatGPT. Since its launching in November 2022, it has been upgraded several times until now and is integrated with Bing. The performance of the latest version, ChatGPT4, goes beyond other competitors as it can process longer texts up to 25,000 words. In summary, we can use this AI-powered chatbot to research, write, get new ideas or suggestions, list our issues, or remind us by preparing our checklists.

Bard AI chatbot interface displayed on a phone screen

The direct competitor of the previous AI chatbot from Google, by far. Bard is not supported in some countries, which results in limited adoption. However, Bard is a great tool that allows you to book tables for your dinners, schedule your appointments, or manage and remind your calendars.

The AI-powered chatbot from by Baidu. Ernie bot was launched before others, which means 2019, but upgraded in 2023 after the launching of ChatGPT. The chatbot mainly uses the Chinese language to communicate. You can use the Ernie bot for several tasks like writing, creating advertisements, calculations, or even teaching you Chinese culture.

Bedrock is a high-potential AI chatbot from Amazon with similar capabilities to ChatGPT. It is a service for building and scaling generative AI applications by giving users access to the top AI model providers, including Anthropic, AI21, Stability AI, and Amazon Titan (developed by Amazon). Thanks to the unique combination of AI applications, users can have more flexibility to select the most suitable models to address their custom requirements. A remarkable feature is a function called “CodeWhisperer,” which generates codes for users following their requests.

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A chatbot has developed by a Russian bank called Sberbank. GigaChat has similar features to ChatGPT and mainly uses the Russian language in communication. What is unique about this chatbot is that it can generate both text and images.

6. Tongyi Qianwen - Alibaba

The AI chatbot from Alibaba will be released soon, and Tongyi Qianwen will have features similar to ChatGPT and Bedrock of Amazon. Users can benefit from its bilingual function in English and Chinese languages.

Look at how AI Chat Services Can Revolutionize Your Life

Young boy using AI chatbots manage several tasks.

Look at how you can benefit from AI chatbots.


The most common benefits of AI chatbots to professional workers are questions responding, sharing ideas for a project, research, preparing a minute of a meeting, automate repetitive tasks so that you can focus on more critical tasks.


Students can hugely benefit from these AI-powered chatbots. The chatbots can replace your tutors with a fully flexible timetable, help to prepare for your examinations or share ideas for your classroom projects.


If you are a freelancer, you probably agree that administrative tasks consume your valuable time, and it would be nice to automate them. These chatbots are here for you. They can schedule and manage your appointments, prepare invoices, or draft a powerful pitch for your next project. You can also use them to suggest ideas for prompt descriptions and request AI Image Generators to generate images for your projects quickly.


Managing a house and family could be overwhelming. The AI chatbots can make it more effective and save time by automating tasks such as grocery shopping, meal planning, or even preparing lists for your child’s birthday party.

My Experience using ChatGPT: A powerful tool that simplifies my life

Conversation with ChatGPT about web coding for colors

Since January, I have been using ChatGPT to learn French grammar by explaining my doubts, researching, giving ideas for recipes from my existing ingredients, and helping me to create a website. I found that it’s beneficial, increases my productivity, and saves me valuable time.

While it’s my intelligent assistant, there are a few areas for improvement, such as Thai language communication. The AI chatbot has been struggled to respond correctly and often forgets my previous input when making additional requests. Anyway, AI-powered chatbots will continue to develop and surpass our needs, ultimately making our livers easier.

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In summary, AI chatbots are becoming common in our individual and professional lives. By offering several services to improve our productivity and spend time more efficiently, they help simplify our lives. With more AI technology development, we can expect to see more advanced chatbots and Generative AI tools in the future.

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